Ocean Reach major phase completed

Oceans restaurant had their preview evening on Thursday. Rod, Nick and Hannah invited 90 people and a few extra, but due to the hype and excitement of this amazing venue opening they had 120 attend! The evening was a great success. Friday night was their night to ‘test the kitchen’ Hazel and myself were invited and we are thrilled with what we experienced. Nick prepared a three course meal with a choice of 4 dishes in each course. 40 people attended  and all the orders went into the kitchen at once. A new kitchen and new menu but I never doubted their capabilities. We were not disappointed. The food and service was outstanding and this completes our Vision of Ocean Reach. The restaurant opens on this coming Thursday and we plan to have grand opening of Ocean Reach in the near future. WM Constriction SW Ltd have really excelled themselves and have created what will be an award winning venue. We only have 3 houses left to sell in the first phase and will only be selling the 3 bedroom full residential house in the second phase which is due to commence next month. We are a bit short of houses purchased for rental but are confident that the remaining houses will be purchased soon with a view to receive an amazing rental revenue. We will shortly be putting a link from the Ocean Reach website to Oceans Restaurant as they will be publishing offers and news updates.

Ocean Reaxh 6 under offer

Yet again we hav another lovely couple Terry and Joyce who are purchasing number Six. We are thrilled they are joining the Ocean Reach family as I have known them for years and so has our incredible builder Kris. They had followed the build on the WM Construction website but did not realise how amazing the houses were until they popped in to say hello, and with the expert team of Rod & Nick having the lease to Oceans, this was the icing on the cake. Very shrewd people making a very sound investment. Only three now left and one of these has strong interest. Great evenings of wine, laughter and conversation ahead. Our Vision is now becoming our dream also!

Almost complete and what an acheivement!

Our vision is nearly there thanks to Kris Manon of WM Construction and his amazing team. Landscaping has been completed by myself, Josh and Alan Luscombe our skilled digger driver.The restaurant opens on the 22nd September with Rod, Nick and Hannah ready to wow you. There is a lovely outside glazed eating area with a modern interior and a log burner reader for the Autumn.Having the Sloop team operate Oceans was the perfect choice and I cannot wait to be on the right side of the bar for a change!ol
Our lovely purchasers who are now enjoying the amazing Ocean Reach life style are moved in and enjoying the sunsets and excellent weather. Sales are well ahead of schedule with more imminent. We have an open day on the 3rd September between 10am and 4pm. Kris has made this project truly stress free and has brought it in on budget and 5 months ahead of time. Planning is now in for turning our proposed house into 3 more homes, one of which will be disabled friendly as this site is the perfect location for wheel chairs. More on this soon.

A long overdue update!

To those watchers, I have not updated as I left my iPad on the airoplane and it has all my log in details. The site is now almost complete.Ocean Reach one has its new residents who love it almost as much as we do. Rod and Nick from the Sloop have the restaurant refit under control with the furniture arriving any day. It should be open mid September. They are professional Caterers who can only complement our Ocean Reach Vision. Josh and I have nearly completed the landscaping which looks stunning if I say so myself! We have been handed over houses 1-5 with 6&7 following shortly. The project has evolved far better than anticipated and Kris and his WM Construction team have truly excelled themselves in bringing the project 4 months ahead of schedule and on budget with no stress for us. We are about to relaunch the Sale of the last few houses as now we have real photographs and can prove the success of the concept. Kris will do some drone shots next week so you can see the site at it’s near completion.

Our promises and Vision full filled

Since my last blog WM Construction have moved mountains to get the main part of the project completed by September. Number One has now exchanged contracts with a 21st July completion date and number Two and Seven are not far behind. Houses 1-5 will be handed over to us on the 21st as the landscaping will be finished and the grass has already started to grow.All the scaffold is now down and the services completed with us just waiting for the electricity meters to be fitted.
We are delighted to announce that Rod and Nick from the highly successful Sloop Inn at Bantham will be taking over the Oceans Restaurant lease. My Dad was told about this possibility just before he passed away and was over the moon as Rod was introduced into Catering by him. Rod & Nick are true caterers that are perfect for this amazing venue. They will still operate the Sloop but reproduce their superb business model at Oceans with a few tweeks. A number of others wanted the Restaurant but we had a Vision of what we wanted to see and Rod & Nick were the only ones we felt could deliver a World class quality, affordable friendly venue. This news can only enhance the unique experience of those staying at Ocean Reach. I have promised not to interfere with their ideas as it will be their show, but can relax knowing it is in expert hands.They also plan to operate a takeaway service for the residents of Ocean Reach so guests staying can enjoy a quality meal whilst enjoying their panoramic view of Bigbury bay.All they have to do is return their plates in the morning. What more could anyone want! National Trust are kindly installing a new pedestrian access gate at the end of the drive so walkers and guests have direct access to beautiful Bolberry Down.

Wow! We are nearly there!

There has been massive progress since my last blog. WM Construction have really excelled themselves and pulled the sub contractors together without any hiccups. It is truly a stress free build for us. Houses 1-5 are almost complete and just await the balconies and a few bits and pieces. Houses 6& 7 are on their first fix with the screeds going down on Monday. The restaurant is ready for felt and batten which will be started on Monday.Land scapeing is now well underway and my vision is becoming reality. The areas behind the restaurant are all planted out and look stunning. The old helipad is now modelled and top soil goes down on Monday followed by planting. We plan to update the website very soon with internal shots and finishes. We are really excited about showing the project off as it has gone beyond our expectations in design and build quality. Even our bank surveyor has commended Kris of WM on his skill and accuracy on producing a “Belt and braces” build. As people can now see the amazing lifestyle property they are buying into there has been a flurry of interest in the remaining houses.

4 months ahead of programme!

We are thrilled to say that the Ocean Reach build contract with WM Construction will now be completed on the 11th September. Ourselves and WM have fulfilled all our promises of building a stunning looking development, sensitive to the beautiful environment and using all local trades and products. The site is a very happy place to be with the trades proud to display their flags in a defiance to those that said the project could not find the local skills and crafts to complete it. Our bank building monitor said I am the most chilled out developer he has ever met but as I have said before, we do not see us as developers and the reason I am sold chilled is that I have complete trust in Kris Mahon of WM construction who is delivering much more than he promised and far better quality than I ever imagined was achievable. Houses 1-5 are now sprayed internally and the kitchen are almost complete in 1&2, with the others following shortly. The balconies are now being manufactured and outside cladding almost complete. The roof goes on the restaurant next week and then we should start the landscaping which we are really excited about having been making planters for the last two weeks. Hazel is about to start building the rental part of the website as we should be able to start taking bookings for September when we anticipate the restaurant to be up and running.

OceanReach. How special can it be?

The site Ocean Reach has always been an amazing special place for so many people for so many reasons. Having just been invited to a Golden Wedding anniversary celebration we were very moved to see that a 1 metre stainless steel embossed plaque was commissioned to display the most important places in their life. Port light (Ocean Reach) was one of the major destinations firmly in their hearts. Probably the reason so many people are drawn to this location to purchase a lifestyle experience or holiday in this unique location. Sales are really ahead of expectations with many more to follow. The online booking system for holidays will soon be on the website.

Oozing with landscape inspiration

Building work is making tremendous progress with the project now becoming a reality, rather than our vision. My exciting part is now starting to happen with me designing and building the many planters in my workshop. Hazel and I are backwards and forwards to Ocean Reach to get a visual feel for my designs and ideas. The planters and landscaping is a very important part of our vision as there needs to be a carful balance of privacy whilst drawing your eye to the amazing views. We have found a local coastal nursery who are helping us design the gardens and planters so we add natural colour whilst keeping in mind the rugged landscape. We have taken two weeks just to decide on the paving slabs and Chippings as these are an integral part of the design. We are now surrounded by sample bags of Chippings and paving slabs. The pavers for the decks on houses 1& 2 took considerable time and eventually decide to be extravagant and have granite pavers that look stunning and have a slight grip to them, making it safe to venture out onto the amazing decks what ever the weather. We have ordered pallets of local yellow coastal gauze which will be used to define areas and provide natural all year colour. The restaurant will shortly start to take shape which will be welcome news to the many people asking when it will be open. WM construction have just posted some aerial photographs on their Face book page which showcases this unique coastal location.

More lovely Ocean Reach purchasers

When we started our Ocean Reach project some 6 years ago we had this romantic idea of our purchasers being picked by us on the basis that if we could sit at a dinner table and enjoy a great evening, then they were the right purchasers to join us with our vision of Ocean Reach. All the powers that be, told us to ‘live in the real world’ as we would be property developers and would not care as long as we got a sale. Hazel and I were adamant that we would  not be property developers, but a couple who were developing a property from our hearts.  We are pleased to say that so far we have the ideal purchasers and are still developing with our hearts. We have now sold house Ocean Reach Five  to a lovely couple who want to rent it out to our loyal vast bunch of Port Light customers. This is great for owners, us and the local economy, further  re enforcing the whole ethos of our vision for Ocean Reach. The build is way ahead of schedule thanks to Kris Mahon of WM Construction and his merry band of tradesmen who have really pulled out the stops to enable stress free viewings. Kris has gone way beyond his duty as a builder by being at every sales viewing and been honest and open with the clients which re enforces the quality build  he and his team are providing. We are equally proud that he regularly posts pictures of their work on Facebook knowing that his craftsmanship is faultless. The painters start on number One next week and the first fix M &E on houses 1 – 5 is now complete. Houses 6&7 are almost up to roof plate and the garage roof goes on very soon. Andy Beer of RBS has held our hand throughout whilst sharing his years of invaluable experience, and not to forget Chris Watkins of Charles Head who has looked after our interested whilst ensuring the purchasers are comfortable with their decision and have a fair deal. There are more sales in the pipeline but I am already getting excited about marketing the accommodation side and Hazel and I will be planning the updated Ocean Reach letting side of the website. We are extremely confident that we will have a world class venue in the sleepy paradise of the South Hams.