More lovely Ocean Reach purchasers

When we started our Ocean Reach project some 6 years ago we had this romantic idea of our purchasers being picked by us on the basis that if we could sit at a dinner table and enjoy a great evening, then they were the right purchasers to join us with our vision of Ocean Reach. All the powers that be, told us to ‘live in the real world’ as we would be property developers and would not care as long as we got a sale. Hazel and I were adamant that we would  not be property developers, but a couple who were developing a property from our hearts.  We are pleased to say that so far we have the ideal purchasers and are still developing with our hearts. We have now sold house Ocean Reach Five  to a lovely couple who want to rent it out to our loyal vast bunch of Port Light customers. This is great for owners, us and the local economy, further  re enforcing the whole ethos of our vision for Ocean Reach. The build is way ahead of schedule thanks to Kris Mahon of WM Construction and his merry band of tradesmen who have really pulled out the stops to enable stress free viewings. Kris has gone way beyond his duty as a builder by being at every sales viewing and been honest and open with the clients which re enforces the quality build  he and his team are providing. We are equally proud that he regularly posts pictures of their work on Facebook knowing that his craftsmanship is faultless. The painters start on number One next week and the first fix M &E on houses 1 – 5 is now complete. Houses 6&7 are almost up to roof plate and the garage roof goes on very soon. Andy Beer of RBS has held our hand throughout whilst sharing his years of invaluable experience, and not to forget Chris Watkins of Charles Head who has looked after our interested whilst ensuring the purchasers are comfortable with their decision and have a fair deal. There are more sales in the pipeline but I am already getting excited about marketing the accommodation side and Hazel and I will be planning the updated Ocean Reach letting side of the website. We are extremely confident that we will have a world class venue in the sleepy paradise of the South Hams.