Amazing quality progress

News from WM construction Facebook page and a little piece from us!

Ocean Reach is moving forward again! The dry spell is helping so much!

The restaurant is now set out, the services installed and sub structure built up to DPC (A damp-proof course /DPC is a barrier through the structure by capillary action such as through a phenomenon known as rising damp. Rising damp is the effect of water rising from the ground into the property). The sub structure has been hard cored, compacted, sand blinded, membraned and concreted and the wind posts galvanised and installed. Only the main slab to go and we will be able to start the build of the structure.

The garages have also had the over sites filled with well compacted hard core, the DPM (damp proof membrane) has been placed on a sand blinding and taped at joints. The garage slabs have been installed and laid to falls. Although garages 1&2 need the ground works completing we are going start building garage units 3-9 soon. We have a large 10000 litre water tank going in unit 1 substructure and this will need some serious attention during the install due to the complexity of the design. Stay tuned to see the install and commissioning of this unit, this is a exciting element of the project!

Units 3&4 have now had the stud work walls installed internally, unit 5 is under way and when complete it will allow the install of all the insulation and the under floor heating ready for screed on all 3 units. Soon we will be first fixing the electrics and in no time plastering.

On the largest block, units 1-5 we are starting to install the Marley Cedral cladding. Starting with the 39mm x 50mm batten’s fixed to the structure with stainless steel fixings. The preparation of the battens is vital to making the cladding look it’s best, we are really looking forward to cladding the buildings as this will be the finished product and will show us all how stunning the project will be.

Exciting as always, keep watching as we shape this place up.

Very pleased with WM progress and such a happy site to visit.

Sales are going unbelievably well with 2 houses now under offer and a third in the pipeline. Lovely purchasers, all passionate about the concept and environment. We have been choosing tiles and balconies this week which has been very exciting and we cannot wait to see them in place. Looks like the first 5 houses will be ready for occupation in June!

A thought on financing your lifetime opportunity:

Finding the capital to build such a project when you are just a couple with an amazing Vision, but very little large property development knowledge was going to be testing to say the least! Fortunately we were advised to talk to Richard Bateman who operates locally within the South West but has global clients. We could go and sit it front of a real person and be very open about our vision. We were impressed with how many financial contacts he could draw on, and within days had put us in touch with RBS bank who are our financial partners, funding the build.

If you need a little help in funding your unique home, perhaps a starting point would be to talk to Richard and his team. They are obviously very familiar with our amazing concept and are well worth having a chat with.


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