4 months ahead of programme!

We are thrilled to say that the Ocean Reach build contract with WM Construction will now be completed on the 11th September. Ourselves and WM have fulfilled all our promises of building a stunning looking development, sensitive to the beautiful environment and using all local trades and products. The site is a very happy place to be with the trades proud to display their flags in a defiance to those that said the project could not find the local skills and crafts to complete it. Our bank building monitor said I am the most chilled out developer he has ever met but as I have said before, we do not see us as developers and the reason I am sold chilled is that I have complete trust in Kris Mahon of WM construction who is delivering much more than he promised and far better quality than I ever imagined was achievable. Houses 1-5 are now sprayed internally and the kitchen are almost complete in 1&2, with the others following shortly. The balconies are now being manufactured and outside cladding almost complete. The roof goes on the restaurant next week and then we should start the landscaping which we are really excited about having been making planters for the last two weeks. Hazel is about to start building the rental part of the website as we should be able to start taking bookings for September when we anticipate the restaurant to be up and running.